About Mystic Geriatrics Institute

MGI is a non-profit organization with a mission to make a significant difference in improving the lives of the elderly and to make our region a center of excellence for elder well-being through specialized health care and education.

A letter from our President:

Imagine if you lost a parent and suddenly needed to care for the surviving parent.  Or, if a parent developed an acute or chronic medical condition, or dementia or Alzheimer’s, and could no longer live on their own.  Perhaps they live in another state. Will you know what you need to do?  Chances are you may have thought about it if your parents are getting older.  But thinking about it and suddenly being thrust into such a situation is very different. Do you know where to go to get the essential information you will need to cope with this?   Do you even know what the questions are that you need to ask and the skills you need to learn?

I am President of the Mystic Geriatrics Institute.  This organization exists to improve the health and wellbeing of elder citizens of Southeastern Connecticut.  We do this by sponsoring educational programs. We are now in the process of developing a program which will deal specifically with the issues that all caregivers face.  (While I have specifically referred to parents, the same holds true if the person needing care were your spouse or another elder family member.) I have divided the questions to be answered into six basic categories:

  1. What are the legal and financial issues you need to be aware of?
  2. How do you create a supportive environment for the person needing care, as well as for  yourself?
  3. How do you provide physical care, i.e., avoid pressure ulcers, safely bathe and transfer your loved one?
  4. How do you determine the nutritional needs of your loved one?
  5. What are the home alterations you need to make it a safe environment?
  6. How do you deal with the daily medical issues, as well as prepare for emergencies?

We are planning to launch this program in early 2020. It will be six-sessions – each session will deal with one of the topics above, presented by experts in their field.  It will be open to all interested people. Our goal is to provide this program free of charge.  To that end, I am asking for a donation in whatever amount you feel comfortable providing.  Mystic Geriatrics Institute is a recognized not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. You can learn more about us by accessing our web site, mysticgeriatricsinstitute.com.

I hope you will be as excited about this program as we on the MGI Board are.  I look forward to your response.

Christopher Morren, MD

Our Mission

Create an organization in our region to foster the development and communication of effective geriatric care.

Coordinate responses to elder issues, broadcasting effective strategies to invested audiences though workshops, conferencing and symposia.

Educate and collaborate with communities to establish infrastructure and services that promote elder well-being.

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