MGI Caregiver Project

The caregiver project consists of seven workshops devoted to improving the knowledge base of family members taking care of an elder family member, usually a spouse, partner, or parent.  We hope to be able to present each workshop free of charge by soliciting from our community. We also intend to provide sitters so caregivers are able to bring their loved one to the session.  We also hope to provide coffee and water to attendees.  Sessions will take place from 10 am to 12 noon on Saturday mornings on dates to be determined by the availability of space.  We hope to use the educational space of new Hartford Health Care building on the Perkins Farm site.

The workshops are as follows:

1. Legal and Financial   Co directors: Attorney Jean Ceddia and Matthew Spring, AIF

2. Social  Co directors: Sue Hostnick, MSW ,  and Concetta Francetti, Recreation Therapist  This session will focus on ways to avoid isolation and loneliness by integration of the family member into the community.

3. Physical   Director:   Linna Rouquayrol, RN  This session will focus on the daily management of the elder person, including bathing, transfers, toileting, and avoidance of pressure ulcers.

4. Nutrition   Director:  Christopher Morren, MD, FACP This session will focus on the nutritional needs of the elder person, and ways to assess and improve their nutritional status.

5. Home Preparation  Co directors:  Attorney  Sandra Sharr , and Nichole Bowski, OT This session will focus of making the home environment safe by avoiding falls and other mishaps, fire safety, safety in the kitchen, and maintaining up to date lists of emergency contacts

6. Medical  Director:  Dr. Michael Feltes, MD, Geriatrician  This session will focus on how to assess the elder in an emergency and how to tend to minor injuries and illnesses

7. Care of the Caregiver  Co directors:  Robin Ely, RN and Father Mark Santucci  This session will focus on the social and spiritual needs of the caregiver, and ways of avoiding caregiver burnout.

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