Care Management

MGI-CareManagement.jpgWhen you realize that an aging loved one is having difficulty living independently, you might find yourself intimidated by the number of things you need to start planning for. Are they going to need special living arrangements? Will they need to move into a senior housing facility? Have they set up a will or other legal paperwork? Are they staying healthy and keeping up with medical appointments?

It is easy to be overwhelmed. During this difficult time, a care management provider can be invaluable.

Care management services will help you come up with a plan for taking care of a senior. They can also manage and coordinate other services for a senior, ranging from home health aides to home renovations.

A care manager will meet with a senior to assess their needs and let their family know what services they may require. The assessment should let you know both the short-term and long-term needs will be.

Some people may be capable of coordinating these services on their own after this consultation. Others will want to keep a care manager available to help with the changing needs of a senior.

Care management can help you navigate through a number of different issues. These may include changing a senior’s housing situation, updating their health care plan, developing a nutritional or exercise plan, managing finances, and setting up legal matters such as estate planning. A care manager can also be an emergency contact who can provide advice during an unexpected crisis or emergency.

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